Building Material Moisture Content Investigations

In instances, it is desired to determine if the building envelope components are moisture affected and, if so, to what degree. Building Material Moisture Content Investigations can answer this question. Moisture content readings are obtained with the use of moisture meters and are fed into the computer. Color coded drawings are generated that identify moisture content variations at different materials.

Color-Coded Damages

In some cases, Color Coded Damages can better identify areas of concern. The drawings can be in Two-dimensional or Three-dimensional views. The drawings are easy to read and understand.

Floor Elevation Surveys

Floor Elevation Surveys: Foundation and Floor Elevation Surveys are used to identify unusual movements of a foundation or suspended floor. Measurements are obtained with electronic level equipment and the data is fed into the computer. Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional survey drawings are generated. The Three-dimensional survey drawing is color coded so that the movements of the structural components can be more easily understood. In instances, a site survey is performed to identify correlations between the site slope and structural movements.

Structural Specifications

Structural Specifications are typically produced for new or retrofit construction. The drawings specify elements and components of construction and assembly requirements. The drawings are usually intended for the contractors responsible for the proposed work.